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Do you often set extremely high standards for yourself or others? Are you critical of your own performance, even when you achieve success? Do you find it challenging to share tasks or responsibilities, fearing that others won’t meet your standards? Do you feel uncomfortable or overly concerned about making mistakes? Do you procrastinate or delay completing tasks because you are worried it will not meet your standards? 

The causes of perfectionism can vary and might originate from our personal beliefs, our upbringing, our experiences, or societal pressures. Perfectionism can impact our productivity and cause us to procrastinate or avoid completing tasks. It can also strain our relationships, and result in stress, anxiety, depression, or burnout. 

At ClearMind, we use evidence-based therapies to help you overcome perfectionism by exploring its underlying causes, challenging unrealistic standards, embracing compassion, and by setting healthier expectations. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way as you start to strive for success and not for perfection. 

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